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St. Clair Industrial Park

With a population of 14,515, St. Clair Township sits along the bank of the St. Clair River south of the City of Sarnia. Home to a mix of commerce, industrial development and agriculture, its industrial base has focused traditionally on the petrochemical and refining sector. Today, St. Clair is becoming more broadly diversified through significant investments in the power generation and renewable energy sectors.

Suncor Energy Product's St. Clair Ethanol Plant began production July of 2006, and doubled its size in 2009. With an annual production volume of 400 million litres, the  million facility has the largest production capacity for ethanol in Canada. The Suncor facility is a key building block in the development of Sarnia-Lambton's industrial bio-products sector.

The municipally-owned St. Clair Industrial Park is home to a growing number of diverse industries. The fully serviced 200-acre development is bordered by Highway 40 on the east side and CN rail on the west. Highway 402 is 18 kilometres (about a 16-minute drive) to the north.

Along the Highway 40 corridor, large parcels of zoned industrial land exist in close proximity to municipal services and infrastructure. Also, within existing petrochemical sites, large parcels of industrial land are available for further petrochemical and refining development. Local plants are willing to make available raw materials and services to accommodate complementary manufacturing activities. Click to Enlarge

St. Clair Industrial Park

A fully serviced 200 acre development, the municipally-owned St. Clair Industrial Park is home to a growing number of diverse industries.
  • 90 acres (36.4 hectares) available
  • Rail
  • On Highway 40
  • 11.2 miles (18 km.) to Highway 402 via Highway 40
  • 9.9 miles (16 km.) to Ontario/Michigan border using alternate route
  • Zoned for industrial use
  • Services - electrical, natural gas, water, sanitary sewers
  • Owned by Township of St. Clair

Dockside Industrial Park

  • 220 St. Clair Parkway, Corunna, ON
  • 112 acres (45 hectares) of heavy industrially zoned land
  • 16,000 square feet (2,000 square metres) office space
  • 20,000 square feet (2,500 square metres) shop and warehouse space
  • 150 rail car storage spots
  • Transloading and flaring of rail cars on a daily basis
  • Pipeline access
  • Tank storage
  • Privately owned