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Register your Business

Register your business from our office!

Take advantage of our business-registration services, offered in partnership with a licensed wholesaler for Ontario Business Connects. Choose from the following services:

  • Register your new business
  • Renew your existing business
  • Cancel your existing business
  • Perform Name Searches (OBC and NUANS)
  • Register for other government programs, including Harmonized Sales Tax and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

When should you register?

Before you register you must understand which business structure is most appropriate for your siutation. This decision will have significant tax, liability and accounting implications and should be made only after consulting your professional advisors (lawyer, accountant, etc.) Click here for more information on forms of business.

As a sole proprietor, if you are going to carry on business in any name other than your own full name, you need to register that name with the Ministry of Business and Consumer Services. You cannot add anything to your name or take away anything from it unless you register.


John Doe, Plumber……........does not need to register
John Doe Plumbing ……..….must register
John the Plumber…….…......must register
John Doe & Associates……..must register

The same is true of a partnership (except Limited Partnerships which always have to register their name). If you carry on in both full names only, you do not need to register. If you add anything to the names or take anything away from them, then you must register.

John Doe and Bob Smith……..…...........does not need to register
John Doe and Bob Smith, Plumbers.....does not need to register
Doe and Smith, Plumbers……..….........must register
John Doe and Bob Smith Plumbing......must register

Corporations that want to carry on business using anything other than their proper corporate name must also register with the Ministry (using a different form than above). This is most often the case for numbered companies, but may apply to others as well.


If 1234567 Ontario Limited wants to carry on business as John the Plumber, it must register. If John's Plumbing Ltd. wants to carry on business as John the Plumber, it must register.

If you have questions, or want to register your business, come and see us. We provide facilitated name registration and incorporation services through ESC Corporate Services Ltd., a Registered Wholesaler designated by the Ministry.