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Sarnia-Lambton Interactive Map
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With 589,407 acres of farmland, agriculture is a significant contributor to the economy of Sarnia-Lambton, and its second largest sector (surpassed only by petrochemical and refined petroleum products). Production includes Ontario's largest acreages of soybeans and wheat, also corn, specialty crops of tomatoes, bell peppers, and many varieties of fruits and vegetables. There is also a wide range of livestock, including beef and dairy cattle, pigs and poultry.

Sarnia-Lambton's attributes are well suited to food processing.

Lambton's role as a leading agicultrual centre also adds to its strength as a centre for bio-based manufacturing.

Click the icon to view or download the "Food Processing In Sarnia-Lambton" brochure in pdf format.

Locally Grown - There is ample opportunity to purchase locally-grown foods and enjoy Sarnia-Lambton's rural countryside. "Locally Lambton" provides a guide to all things country in Lambton. You can access the guide here.

Sarnia-Lambton's agriculture industry is technologically progressive and export-savvy, with more than half of the region's beef production and more than a third of its pork production shipped out of the country, as are many of the crops in varying proportions.

Click the icon to view or download the "Lambton Farm and Rural Guide 2013".

Food Processing Presentations

Sugar-Based Confectionary Manufacturing