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Enniskillen - field flowersEnniskillen - field flowers

Visit Enniskillen's website.

Visit Live In Lambton's Enniskillen section.

View Enniskillen's municipal tax rates and water rates.

View Statistics Canada information on Enniskillen

The Township of Enniskillen is located in Sarnia-Lambton's heartland - surrounded by the municipalities of Plympton-Wyoming to the north, Brooke-Alvinston to the east, Dawn-Euphemia to the south, and St. Clair to the west. The municipality includes the communities of Oil City and Marthaville.  Enniskillen actually surrounds, but does not include, the independent municipalities of the Town of Petrolia and the Village of Oil Springs.

EniskillenPepperCompanyThe Township was one of the birthplaces of the discovery of oil in North America.  There are still many active oil wells in Enniskillen.  The area is a thriving agricultural area, and home to some of Lambton's finest agricultural land.  The Ennniskillen Pepper Company operates a 13 acre  natural gas fueled hydroponic greenhouse.  Photo - Enniskillen Pepper Company, courtesy of

Enniskillen's municipal office is located at 4465 Rokeby Line, west of the Oil Heritage Road and Rokeby Line intersection.


Fast Facts

  • Population 2,930 (Source - Statistics Canada 2011 Census)
  • Land area 338.18 square km.
  • Thriving agricultural community
  • Location of Mathaville Habitat Management Area with 3 km. loop trail
  • Home to high-tech agri operations