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Sarnia-Lambton and Its Municipalities

Lambton County is a great place to live!  As a waterfront community bordered on two sides by Lake Huron and the St. Clair River it provides sand and surf and a choice of country, town, waterfront, or city living. Made up of eleven municipalities, with the largest being the City of Sarnia,  the area is often referred to as Sarnia-Lambton.

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Visit Lambton County's
Live In Lambton website for a wealth of information about Lambton County. 

For current property tax and water rates, click here.

Looking for a laid-back pace of life?  Visit to learn more about Sarnia-Lambton's relaxed waterfront lifestyle!

Learn more about Lambton County's eleven municipalities:

Township of Brooke-Alvinston
Brooke-Alvinston (Township) 
Brooke-Alvinston's website
Live In Lambton - Brooke-Alvinston

Township of Dawn-Euphemia
Dawn-Euphemia (Township)
Dawn-Euphemia's website
Live In Lambton - Dawn-Euphemia

Enniskillen (Township)
Enniskillen (Township)
Enniskillen's website
Live In Lambton - Enniskillen

Municipality of Lambton Shores
Lambton Shores (Municipality of)
Lambton Shores' website
Live In Lambton - Lambton Shores

Oil Springs (Village)
Oil Springs (Village of)
Oil Springs' website
Live In Lambton - Oil Springs

Petrolia (Town)
Petrolia (Town of)
Petrolia's website
Live In Lambton - Petrolia

Plympton-Wyoming (Town)
Plympton-Wyoming (Town of)
Plympton-Wyoming's website
Live In Lambton - Plympton-Wyoming

Point Edward (Village)
Point Edward (Village of)
Point Edward's website
Live In Lambton - Point Edward

Sarnia (City)
Sarnia (City of)
Sarnia's website
Live In Lambton - Sarnia

St. Clair (Township)
St. Clair (Township of)
St. Clair's website
Live In Lambton - St. Clair

Warwick (Township)
Warwick (Township of)
Warwick's website
Live In Lambton - Warwick