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Latest Economic Partnership News
2015/02/13 - Kudos for Economic Partnership    EDCO recognizes Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership  More
2015/02/10 - Using corn stover, wheat stalks to create bio-based chemicals, biofuels    Farmers form Celluslosic Sugar Producers' Co-op  More
2014/12/18 - Lambton community brand unveiled    A community brand for use by everyone in Lambton  More

Upcoming Sarnia-Lambton Events
2015/03/26 - Sarnia-Lambton Water Symposium    Lambton Water Centre and SLEP host inaugural symposium  More
2015/04/22 - Meet the Buyers    Local, regional and international partners from Michigan and Canada are collaborating to support the purchasing needs of major employers at the Binational Meet the Buyer event. The event is a unique opportunity for suppliers and sellers to meet buyers and purchasing professionals face-to-face and develop new business contacts, as well as potential new business contracts. Additionally, resources to assist companies with exporting will also be available at the event.  More

Recent Sarnia-Lambton Headlines
2015/02/26 - Lambton invention could save people dying in grain bins    Grain Excavation Tool invented in Lambton  More
2015/02/25 - Union Gas looking at $100 million expansion at Dawn    Plans to boost transmission  More
2015/02/25 - Making plans for Artwalk    Discoveries That Matter Artwalk theme  More
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