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Discoveries That Matter - Sarnia LambtonSmart 21 Community 2016
Business Programs for Youth

Are you interested in starting your own business? There are business programs to help young people up to 34 years of age. Find out more! >>

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Business Assistance Programs
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We're Here to Help

Do you have questions about how to do business - or how to do business better? We're here to help.

Whether it's questions about rules and regulations, looking for ways to improve sales or profits, searching for a local source for supplies or raw materials, or even if you are considering a major change in direction for your company, we're the place to call. Our team of counselors has a wide range of skills and experience to help you find answers and get results quickly and efficiently.

Give Fraser Parry or Chantelle Core a call or an email. They would be happy to speak with you. They can be reached at 519-332-1820, or or

On this website you can learn more growing your business. Check out the sections below, and feel free to give us a call to get started in growing your business!

Here is a good video from the Ontario Ministry of Labour that walks you through an Employment Standards Inspection. It is a helpful video for any small business with employees.