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Brownfield Finanical Tax Incentive Program

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
The Brownfield Financial Tax Incentive Program is a financing tool that allows municipalities to provide landowners property tax assistance as an incentive for environmental rehabilitation. The Minister of Finance can also approve matching education property tax assistance for eligible properties under the program. The government recognizes that cleaning up these properties has both environmental and economic benefits. The following conditions must be met before a site will be eligible for property tax assistance under the Brownfield Financial Tax Incentive Program: 1. A Phase II environmental site assessment has been conducted for the property, which concludes that the property requires environmental remediation; 2. The property is located within the area designated by an approved Community Improvement Plan; 3. The Community Improvement Plan includes provisions for financial property tax assistance for brownfield remediation; and 4. The property has been approved for the local municipal property tax assistance program. The Brownfield Financial Tax Incentive Program supports local municipal tax assistance programs for brownfield remediation. If approved, the program will match the property tax assistance a municipality chooses to provide with the education portion of the property tax on a proportional basis.

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