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Discoveries That Matter - Sarnia LambtonBest2Invest 2014
Sarnia-Lambton Online Mapping
Find the location of schools, playing fields, places of worship, public offices and much more. Discover the quickest or shortest driving directions to any destination within Lambton County. Click here

Purchase Business Directory

$25.00 + 13% GST

The Business Directory can be emailed to you in database (Access97) and spreadsheet (Excel97) formats.

Please note that the Directory data base does not contain email links. Email links, if they have been provided to us, can be obtained for individual companies on our on-line Sarnia-Lambton Business Directory.

To order a copy of the Business Directory in Excel and Access, please contact Jeanny at 519-332-1820 or toll free in North America 1-800-972-7642.