Biobased Delta teams up with Bioindustrial Innovation Canada


South-western Netherlands-based Biobased Delta Foundation has agreed to work closely with the Canadian sustainable chemistry alliance Bioindustrial Innovation Canada. Together they aim to accelerate the international commercialization of advanced new technologies. Biorizon is one of the flagships of the Biobased Delta.

A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between both Biobased Delta and Bioindustrial Innovation Canada was signed yesterday during the Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Philadelphia at the Holland Pavilion, coordinated by BE-Basic Foundation. The MOU, effective May 14, 2014, calls for collaboration on such areas as pyrolysis, chemicals from sugars and lignin-based materials. It extends for a three-year period.

Fruitful cooperation

“We very much welcome our partnership with Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, primarily in order to collaborate on joint promising biobased business opportunities”, says Dr. Willem Sederel, Managing Director of Biobased Delta. “Our core values of entrepreneurship, innovation, inclusiveness and pragmatism fit perfectly with the ambitions of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

Dr. Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, calls the cooperation agreement “an exciting opportunity as we move forward in catalyzing the commercialization of biobased and sustainable chemistry-based technologies, creating jobs and economic value for Canada”. He continues: “It recognizes the key elements of the innovation strategies of the Canadian and Dutch governments, including the concept of regional innovation clusters and the development of sustainable chemistry technology platforms.”

Joint projects and educational programs

Relationships between industrial, academic or governmental organizations will be established in order to initiate joint projects in research, development, demonstration or commercial partnering. Biobased Delta and Bioindustrial Innovation Canada will support the initiation of these projects and the acquisition of private and/or public funds to finance the projects.

 This collaboration will also contribute to building enablers for scientific community development. It includes sharing of knowledge and best practices, organizing seminars and scientific conferences, attracting and developing young talent. The development of joint educational programs in the field of novel biobased processes and products and the wide communication of scientific results are also included.

About Biobased Delta

Biobased Delta is an open innovation cluster based on a successful crossover between the agro, horticulture and chemical sector. Entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and government agencies strengthen the front runner position of the South-western Netherlands in the biobased economy. Biobased Delta focuses on green raw materials, green building blocks and a sustainable process technology. The innovation cluster aims for an optimal link to education and educational institutes.

 Bioindustrial Innovation Canada is Canada’s preeminent accelerator for the commercialization of large-scale industrial biotechnology and related sustainable chemistry. Within the bioindustrial alliance the SME sector, government agencies, multinationals and knowledge institutions collaborate to turn renewable resources, such as agricultural and forestry by-products and wastes, into energy and value-added chemicals for use in applications ranging from construction to automotive parts.

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