An Intern’s Top Five Discoveries That Matter

An Intern’s Top Five Discoveries That Matter

By Adam Veen

As an intern at the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership, I have come to learn new things about our great County. Being tasked with the Discoveries That Matter Community branding initiative has further allowed me to explore some special businesses, events and locations in Lambton County. It is with the new found knowledge and appreciation for the many different areas of this great County that I present my Top 5 Discoveries That Matter.

  1. Avetek Energy’s AVE AERO

I first learned about this device at the beginning of my internship, and I have been intrigued by the potential it has to be a new low cost source of clean, renewable energy for the area.

The unit creates energy using the principal of tornados. I’m sure everyone has an idea of the power of a tornado, whether it is from personal experience, or movies like Twister and Sharknado … ok maybe not the last one. While the tornado is simply the collision of hot air and cold air forming a rapidly rotating vortex, the force and power that it creates in amazing.

That is why using this principal is definitely the first “discovery that matters” on my list. If regular wind turbines use normal wind to generate electricity, just think of how much energy could be generated using tornados.

You can learn more about the AVE AERO here:

  1. Brigden Fall Fair

The second “discovery that matters” to me is the Brigden Fair. It is an event that is a family tradition, not only for my family, but most of the residents in Lambton County.

Living in a rural community means we have a special and important relationship with the agriculture industry. It is our second largest economic sector and many of the people in Lambton County spend their days working hard to grow and maintain livestock and crops for the rest of Canada and North America.

The fall fair season is a special time of the year for our area. It is the last warm days of fall, the crops are coming off the fields and everyone is showcasing their finest produce, baked goods, and livestock. While there are several fairs that happen in Lambton County, including: Brooke- Alvinston, Petrolia, and Forest, but the Brigden fair is the last one of the year – taking place Thanksgiving weekend – making it a special event.

From fresh apple cider, barrel racing and stuntmen to carnival rides and craft exhibits, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. It also showcases the best of Lambton County agriculture and is a cultural event that is certainly a discovery that matters.

To learn more about this year’s Brigden fair, visit:

  1. Maple Syrup Festivals

When talking about special events for the area as “discoveries that matter”, the maple syrup festivals have to be included on the list because they a quintessential Canadian staple. We are known for our hockey, beer, politeness and maple syrup. The festivals showcase how we take sap from the maple tree and boil it down to the sugary brown liquid gold that is Maple Syrup.

Yearly events at the end of March in Watford and Alvinston, as well as Thedford, demonstrate some of the ancient techniques and the newest methods for collecting and cooking the Sap. With stacks of pancakes available, tasting the product after knowing how it is made makes it taste sweeter and strengthens our appreciation for a great Canadian discovery that matters.

  1. Refined Fool Brewing CO.

I mentioned above that Canada is known for its hockey, politeness, maple syrup and beer. With that in mind the next “discovery that matters” for Lambton County is a more recent development, but one that is making a big impact across Lambton County and Ontario.

Refined Fool Brewing Co. began with a group of friends coming together to make an innovative business venture and from the first bottle of beer they were able to brew, their business has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, three years in business, their operation has seen the amazing reception from the local residents. They have even been featured on CTV’s Marilyn Dennis Show.

With creative names such as: Gnome Junkie, Noble Oaf and Danglespanked, their creative ideas come to life through their innovative product. Refined Fool’s energetic spirit and innovative efforts to become a staple brewery for Lambton County – as well as support the local neighbourhood – is what makes this organization a discovery that matters.

Discover more about Refined Fool here:

  1. Discovery of Oil

The last of the top 5 Discoveries that matter on my list is one that has a special place in history for the area as well as special meaning to me. Growing up in the small village of Oil Springs, and having a family run business that services oil and gas wells, I appreciate the importance of this discovery on the prosperity of Lambton County as well as the ability for it to help provide for our family.

Over 150 years ago James Miller Williams drilled the first commercial oil well in North America right in my backyard. Our town has embraced the rich heritage that comes with being an oil town and while the oil boom may be over, the history still lives on.

If you ever want to step back in time to see how oil was produced well over 100 years ago, the Oil Museum of Canada has interactive displays, working oil wells and a large collection of historical artifacts all designed at highlighting this truly unique Discovery That Matters.

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