Lambton College once again one of Canada’s top Research Colleges

SARNIA, November 13, 2019 – Research & Innovation at Lambton College continues to shine on a national level.

According to Research Infosource Inc., which released its annual list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges earlier this week, Lambton College is now ranked as the #3 Research College in Canada.

These national findings are based on data obtained through a survey of publicly-funded colleges and from financial statements, which include funding received from both internal and external sources to the organizations. Lambton College is the only college in Canada which has been ranked among the top three Canadian research colleges for the past four years straight, including a #1 ranking in 2018.

“To consistently be ranked as one of the best research colleges in the Country is a huge honour for Lambton College, and truly reflective of the incredible efforts of the researchers, faculty, students and staff involved with our many projects,” said Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “It takes vision and purpose to continue to grow and innovate, and this year’s ranking reinforces our commitment to collaborate on new projects with our partners and provides experiential learning opportunities for our students to work with Canada-wide industrial partners, where they gain advanced and practical expertise.”

Dr. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, Executive Dean, Research & Innovation at Lambton College says the institution’s commitment to growing research capacity is driving Lambton’s continued success in the annual rankings, particularly with recent capital investments such as the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and the renovation and upgrade of the Centre of Excellence for Energy & Bio-Industrial Technologies.

“Our new world-class facilities have provided opportunities for us to expand our areas of research to new sectors including Advanced Biotechnology, Natural Health Products and Artificial Intelligence,” said Sheikhzadeh. “Research & Innovation at Lambton looks forward to continuing to support our region, province and country through research and development in response to the continuously evolving needs of industry.”

Lambton College’s Research and Innovation Department was formed in 2007. Since then, the College has received close to $38.5 million in funding from federal and provincial agencies.

In 2018-19 fiscal year Lambton College executed 216 projects in collaboration with 164 partners. These projects were carried out by 142 researchers and 190 students.

To learn more about the Research & Innovation department, past and current projects, or to inquire about partnership opportunities, visit

Guests of Lambton College’s upcoming Open House will also have the opportunity to learn more about Research & Innovation at Lambton, and how growth in this area has led to a strong network of research partners throughout the region and the development of multiple research projects. Representatives will be speaking at the highly-anticipated Technology Forum, which will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 16. For details, go to

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