RMH Teleservices Inc. selects Sarnia for a 250-seat call center

RMH Teleservices announced today that it has selected Sarnia as the site for a new 250 seat call center which will provide over 500 full-time equivalent jobs to the area. In addition to the 500 telemarketing positions, an additional 30 management and administrative positions will be created. The Sarnia-Lambton Office of Economic Development and the City of Sarnia have been working with RMH since July, 1999, on this project.

Mike Scharff, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, says, “We selected Sarnia because we believe the area can provide the labour force and available lease space required to operate a successful call center. We are making a significant investment in Sarnia and look forward to becoming part of the Sarnia business community.”

RMH Teleservices Inc., a publicly held corporation, is a leading provider of outsourced teleservices in both inbound and outbound applications to large-volume users in the insurance, financial services, telecommunications, utility, internet technologies and other industries. The company operates 18 call centers with over 5,000 employees. Three call centers are located in Canada and the other 15 are in the United States.

The company will begin recruiting for management positions immediately. These positions are being advertised through the local Human Resources Development Canada office. A recruiting drive for telemarketing positions will be held in March. RMH expects to be fully operational by April.

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