Sarnia a winner at Communities in Bloom

By Paul Morden , The Observer

Sarnia was a surprise winner at the Communities in Bloom provincial awards dinner it hosted on the weekend.

The non-profit organization recognizes communities across Canada for their efforts to maintain parks, gardens and other community facilities.

It’s provincial awards were given out following a Communities In Bloom conference held Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Point Edward.

The College Street Park maintained by the Sarnia Horticultural Society had been entered in the competition and earned the city a Community of Excellence award, said Anne Marie Gillis, Sarnia Communities in Bloom chairperson.

But, Sarnia also ended up with a provincial best landscaping award it wasn’t expecting, she said.

Lambton Shores received a “five-bloom” designation at the awards dinner, she added.

Sarnia is a previous two-time five-bloom winner at the provincial level and now competes nationally where it has also earned five blooms, Gillis said.

The weekend event was a success, she said.

“The people who came to Sarnia were just overwhelmed with what we had to offer them.”

There were 50 people at the conference seminars and 100 at the awards dinner.

Gillis said people came to the events from across Ontario.

Many, she said, told her they were impressed with the facilities Sarnia has for young people.

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