Zero Carbon at Bayfest

Sarnia-Lambton is once again proving it’s commitment to innovation in energy, as the deployment of a hydrogen fuel cell demonstration project by the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership (“SLEP”) will take centre stage at this year’s Bayfest music festival. The event, now in its sixth year, is expected to draw 80,000 visitors. As Bayfest grows bigger and better every year, the scope of what the festival offers has expanded with it.

“SLEP is pleased and proud to have worked with Jim and Michelle Stokely to add renewable energy to the Bayfest roster. We have worked with our partners to meet a small portion of the Bayfest energy requirements with hydrogen, much of which will be generated from zero carbon renewable sources” says George Mallay, General Manager of SLEP, adding “the economic partnership has become involved with hydrogen because it is good for the environment and we expect that it will be good for business in Sarnia-Lambton. Mr. Mallay offered special thanks to:

  • Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation
  • Blackwell Renewable Energy Inc.
  • Sustainable Energy Associates Inc.
  • Electromega
  • ECD Ovonics

The project will incorporate a hydrogen production system that is powered by solar photovoltaic modules. The hydrogen produced on site will be used in a fuel cell to power high efficiency LED lighting at the entrance to Bayfest. David Martin, director of Sustainable Energy Associates Inc said “We are thrilled to be involved with a concept to produce electricity from the sun, store that energy as hydrogen to be converted back into light when it is required. This zero carbon arrangement proves that both production and consumption of a transportable energy source is close at hand”

Fuel cells and a hydrogen generator will be deployed in other areas of the park to produce power for lighting as well as the K106 radio station’s live broadcast booth. Even more significant is the fact that the Command Centre for Bayfest will be run from a generator contained within a vehicle provided on loan from the Hydrogen Village demonstration program managed by Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Canada. The command center has been renamed the “Green Room” in honour of its clean energy source.

This project is complementary to an initiative that was already underway by the Stokely’s to use renewable energy at Bayfest. Water heaters powered by corn will be in use all weekend to heat the hot water for the backstage facilities.

The project comes hot on the heels of the wildly successful LiveEarth, which is said to have been “the largest global entertainment event in history.” This project will accomplish what LiveEarth only aspired to: zero emissions and zero carbon power at a major concert event.

This initiative is supported by Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation, whose participation was key to ensure that the event focused not only on green energy, but that it also focused on conservation of energy. Alex Palimaka, Vice-President of Bluewater Power said “Bluewater Power was excited to be part of this project because it very much symbolizes our approach to answer the challenge of the future with both renewable energy sources as well as conservation of the precious energy resources that we already have.”


Media contacts:

George Mallay
Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership
Tel: (519) 332-1820

Alex Palimaka
Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation

David Martin
Sustainable Energy Associates
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