Housing boom happening in Plympton-Wyoming

July 9, 2018 – Lee Michaels, Blackburn News-Sarnia

New houses are going up in Plympton-Wyoming at a pace not seen before in decades.

Chief Administrative Officer Carolyn Tripp says permits have been issued for 33 single family dwellings so far this year. That compares to 47 in all of last year.

“It is significant,” she says. “We’ve doubled our home starts that we’ve seen over the past eight years and that doesn’t include two major new developments between Lakeshore Rd. and Lake Huron. Van Bree has plans for about 45 single family dwellings, and then at Blue Point, Allen Developments has about 127 single family units as well.”

Tripp says almost $16-million worth of permits have been issued so far this year with single family dwellings accounting for almost $12-million.

The boom is good news for the municipality, as it adds to the tax base and spurs on further development.

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